William Alexander Stewart

William A. Stewart was born January 20, 1823 in Monroe County Tenn. He served in the Civil War; He was wounded in the arm during the war, which disabled him for life. He enlisted and served 3 years and 9 months, as did his eldest son, George Mason who was barely old enough at the time to get in. William was a Corporal; he mustered out by reason of expiration of term of service (3 Years) on May 27, 1865.  National Archive military records show that he was mustered out because of rheumatism and heart disease. William also served in the Mexican war.

In civilian life William was a school teacher, and farmer, He also was a lecturer for Masonic Lodges.  He was killed on November 16, 1898 in Missouri, while walking to Princeton, Missouri, on a railroad bridge.  Being somewhat deaf, he didn't hear an approaching train.  He married Caroline Smith on April 22, 1844. He and his wife are buried in Salem Cemetery near Princeton, Missouri. 

He was the father of…

I.      George Mason Stewart, born July 4, 1846 Polo, Ray County,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Missouri, died 1926.

II.     Emily Jane Stewart, born.  Nov 28, 1847, Polo, Ray County Missouri, married Henry King died July 13, 1883.

III.    John William Stewart, born Nov 23, 1849 Polo, Ray County, Missouri died July 6, 1850.

IV.    Charles Harris Stewart, born October 10, 1851 Polo, Ray County, Missouri.

V.    James Madison Stewart, born November, 27 1853, Princeton, Mercer County, Missouri married Emma Brown.

VI.    Virgil Elmer Stewart, born July 15, 1856 Princeton, Mercer County, Missouri died Oct 1945, Ridgeway, Harrison County, Missouri.

VII.  Frances Marion Stewart, born October 29, 1858 Princeton, Mercer County, Missouri died January 9, 1940, Burton, Keya Paha County, Nebraska.

VIII. Mary Frances Stewart, born October 29, 1858 Princeton, Mercer  County, Missouri; died November 8, 1865, Modena, Mercer County, Missouri.

IX.    Andrew Jackson Stewart, born August 1, 1861, Mercer County, Missouri died March 24, 1917 Nebraska.

Andrew Died in the Brocksburg bridge disaster, Three persons were drowned, one seriously injured and several others slightly injured when an ice gorge swept out a bridge over the Keya Paha river. Twenty persons were on the bridge watching the ice when the gorge suddenly struck and the bridge went down. Those near the end of the bridge ran to safety, but several near the center were unable to escape.

Andrew, Who Went by the name Jack, was a good swimmer and pulled Mrs. Arnold Hudson out of the water and re-enter the water to help two women who were drowning, when a bridge plank hit his side. He died a few hours later, and is buried in an unmarked grave in the Mills Cemetery, Mrs. Arnold Hudson was seriously injured. Andrew married, (1) Mary Kelley, October 6, 1881 Stoddard County,   Missouri. (2) Clara Bell Snodgrass, October 5, 1895.Had issue.



                                                     Ira (Jack ) Stewart

                                                               Son of Andrew Jackson Stewart


X.    Sarah Victoria Stewart, born October 29, 1863 Princeton, Mercer County, Missouri died 1945.

XII.   Mary P. Stewart, born November 8, 1866 Princeton, Mercer County, Missouri died Mercer County, Missouri.

XIII.  Sherman  Stanton Stewart, born February 25, 1868, Princeton, Mercer County, Missouri.

XIV.  Elnora  Stewart, born December 24, 1871, Princeton, Mercer County, Missouri died May 14, 1945, Seiling, Dewey County, Oklahoma,  married Alfred Burchett, August 24 1890 Had issue. From Elnora stem The Burchett family of Seiling, Dewey County, Oklahoma,- The Hammon family of Dewey County, Oklahoma  and The Mckinney family of Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, New Mexico.



                                                           Elnora  Stewart Burchett



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The Stewart Family Bible Records.

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